Fracking Karoo

What is fracking?

How would fracking affect our food and drinking water?

Why should I care?

Watch this video: Gasland

Gasland Trailer

The movie can be bought at

Gasland is a movie about the damaging effects of fracking and what has happened in America.
Many people have downloaded and shared Gasland 2010 and Gasland 2 (2013) as torrents on 'The Pirate Bay'.
Environmental journalists should be supported for their work. Please buy the movie if you think its worth it.

The most important thing is to watch the movie, find out what fracking is and tell people about it.


Youtube: Gasland 2010 full movie - English Soundtrack, Spanish Subtitles (low quality)

What is fracking? (AKA hydraylic fracturing, hydraulic fracking, water fracking)

Fracking water

Fracking works by mixing water with toxic chemicals and pumping it into the ground at high pressure.
Underground rock (shale) are fractured during the process causing mini-earthquakes and natural gas (fracking gas) is released.
After the process is complete the toxic water is either left in the ground, drained into massive pits that lined with plastic where the water and chemicals are left to evaporate into the air, or transported away to be processed or dumped somewhere else (processing plants, rivers or the ocean).

What is an aquifier?

An Aquifier is underground water. Wikipedia under the heading Human dependence on groundwater says:

Aquifers are critically important in human habitation and agriculture. Deep aquifers in arid areas have long been water sources for irrigation. Many villages and even large cities draw their water supply from wells in aquifers.

How does fracking-water affect aquifiers

The contaminated water seeps through the new rock fractures into aquifiers. From there all the water used for farming (growing food, livestock) becomes contaminated with toxic chemicals and drinking water is also no longer drinkable.
People who live in areas that have been fracked have to use expensive water filtering systems that break down and are not entirely effective. Gardens and local animals will suffer as well.

"But the corporation, the government the politician and the 'news' article said 'it's safe'?"

How much money are they being paid to say 'fracking is safe'?

Politicians and corporations involved will claim fracking is safe and that contaminants from fracking won't reach our aquifiers...

What will they say after the damage is done? "Sorry?"

You can't drink money or grow food with it.

"But fracking will provide jobs"

Why is unemployment in South Africa so high? (30%)

The high unemployment rate in South Africa is entirely the government's fault!

The percentage of unemployed people in USA is 4x lower than South Africa!
This is not by chance!
In USA, businesses can hire and fire people at will.
In South Africa, it is more unpleasant for a business owner to end an employment contract than have a tooth pulled!

The freedom of easily hiring and firing people has two effects

In South Africa, employing someone is a very serious commitment. Businesses put in a lot of effort to scritinize people carefully before giving them a job, because they know it will be very difficult to get rid of them or hire someone else if it doesn't work out.
That means busienss people in South Africa avoid employing people as much as they can to minimize their financial risk and administrative burden.

Supporters of these labour laws say that the few people with jobs, protected by labour laws (to the detriment of businesses) are better off...

People who think free labour laws only benefit businesses are wrong. If you're a person seeking employment there will be more jobs available, people will hire you more easily. If it doesn't work out working somewhere, you can more easily get a job somewhere else where it *does* work out well. You can be happier with better mutually beneficial associations. Or if you have a business idea, you just start one up, and hire people as and when you need to.
If your employer can easily replace you, you will work well and treat them with respect. And the converse is also true. If your boss knows you can easily get a job elsewhere they will appreciate you and treat you with more respect.

Freedom creates mutual respect and responsibility.

Restrictive labour laws based on fear result in employees disrespecting the business they work for, not taking responsibility for their work, employers resenting them and wanting employ as few people as possible.

The largest employers association in South Africa says that productivity is at its lowest mark in 40 years, and that unless productivity increases, many jobs will be lost.

What is a fracking job worth?

Lastly and most importantly, what good is giving a few people jobs to poison the water? When their jobs come to an end neither them nor anyone else can drink the water or eat the food grown there?

After the land has been raped, the jobs will end, the water will be undrinkable and the food inedible.

The SA government's laws are socially irresponsible.

Cruising around with their private security in their fancy cars, eating and drinking exclusive food and water... are they really in touch with reality?

What do we ultimately want?

Peace, love and respect?

Think for yourself!

Useful research on fracking

How to stop fracking?

1. Challenge anyone who supports fracking by asking them these questions

2. Tell people! Do something

Who is working to save your community from fracking?

If not you, then who?

What areas would be affected by fracking in South Africa?

Shell wants to frack over Ninety Thousand Square Kilometers in South Africa to start with. That is a huge area, check it out on the map. It covers 34 towns.

Find out more about the fracking process and how fracking works at

Why I made this website

I heard that fracking might go ahead soon.
The ANC (South African government) ministers have been pushing to have fracking legalized in the Karoo.

I googled 'Fracking Karoo' and was shocked at the lackluster search results, the limp opposition page and the so-called 'news' sites, not giving an accurate picture of the environmental destruction that would result from fracking in the Karoo.

I made this website so that anyone who googles 'Fracking Karoo' can find out what Fracking the Karoo would result in.
I recommend this movie because its the simplest fastest way for anyone to understand what fracking is and what the environmental effects are.

We cannot allow fracking in the Karoo

How can I contribute?

Lets raise awareness. Sites like this should be #1 on Google when you search 'karoo fracking' or 'fracking karoo'.
With your help, it will be.

Go, go go!